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Transport and logistics complex Union

TLK "UNION" - is a multifunctional logistics complex, which includes:

  • Class A warehouse complex with total area of ​​30 000 m2
  • Railway container terminal capable of processing up to 1 million / tons of cargo per year
  • Playground TSW
  • Own car park of container semi-trailers
  • Bunk end rail overpass

The complex is located in immediate proximity to the federal highway M60

 (Vladivostok, Khabarovsk)

 The construction project of TLC "Union" is aimed at development of transport infrastructure of Vladivostok agglomeration, unloading container terminals in the port of Vladivostok.


  • Container Terminal


    - Capacity of 2500 TEU

    - The ability to connect and storage of REF-containers

    - Capacity of the railway front - 71 conventional car

    - Speed container train processing on sending and receiving - a maximum of 1 day

    - Equipment - 2 RMG cranes

  • Warehouse complex


    - Power supply of the first category

    - Cold water

    - Autonomous boiler

    - 2 railway line with a total length of 500 meters

    - Distance to the railway container terminal up to 500 meters

  • Temporary storage

    - Preparation and execution of warehouse documentation for placing the goods in temporary storage

    - Unloading and loading on the TSW

    - Placing goods in temporary storage

    - Storage of goods in customs warehouse

    - Weighing of goods

    - Design documentation for the shipment of goods from the TSW

  • Modern equipment

    - Two cantilevered RMG container crane

    - Modern video surveillance system

    - A fully automated account cargo

    - Standalone boiler

    - Power supply of the first category

  • Driving Highway Traffic
  • Branch line

    - The total length of the container terminal at 1800 meters

    - The total length of the warehouse complex 800 meters

    - Contiguity to the railway station "Circular" Far Eastern Railway

Advantages of
with the general operator Union Logistics

- professionalism
- efficiency
- Individual approach
- Favorable conditions for cooperation

Anastasia Vysotskaya
company manager Union Logistics


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